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cover charge

Sichuan vegetable fry All-you-can-eat
【a special appetizer】330yen/(For one person)
Sichuan vegetable fry All-you-can-eat
We have a cover charge of 330 yen as part of our system.
The cover charge includes a small appetizer.


Freshly ground meat Freshly baked skin Wrapped freshly.

Boiled Gyoza(Boiled pork dumplings)

shrimp boiled gyoza海老水餃子
【Shrimp boiled Gyoza】462yen

coriander boiled gyozaパクチー水餃子
【Coriander boiled Gyoza】440yen

green pepper boiled gyozaピーマン水餃子
【Green pepper boiled Gyoza】440yen

shiso(Perilla) boiled gyozaシソ水餃子
【Shiso(Perilla) boiled Gyoza】429yen

Grilled Gyoza(Grilled pork dumplings)

Grilled Gyoza Ssize焼き餃子(小)
【S】 429yen (4pieces)

Grilled Gyoza Msize焼き餃子(中)
【M】825yen (8pieces)

Grilled Gyoza Lsize焼き餃子(大)
【L】1,210yen (12pieces)

fried spring roll

fried spring roll春巻き
【fried spring roll】275yen (1pieces)

Chinese cuisine

steamed chickenよだれ鶏
【Steamed chicken】858yen
Low temperature cooked chicken thighs and special sauce.

【Chashao(Roast pork)】638yen
Pork cooked at low temperature.

Bon bon chickenバンバンジー
【Bon bon chicken】528yen
Shredded chicken with spicy sesame sauce.

Chicken heart Yu Lin Chiはつ唐油淋鶏
【Chicken heart Yu Lin Chi】528yen
Chinese Fried Chicken heart with special sauce.

Chinese sausage中国ソーセージ
【Chinese sausage】528yen

Century egg半熟ピータン
【Century egg】462yen

Dried tofu and dried shrimp干し豆腐と干し海老
【Dried tofu and dried shrimp】418yen

「OTSUMAMI」something to snack on

Cabbage salad中国えびせん
【Prawn crackers】220yen

Chinese style pickled cucumberきゅうり中華漬け
【Chinese style pickled cucumber】352yen

大面筋(Dà miànjīn)大面筋【大面筋(Dà miànjīn)】330yen
Spicy and juicy. Chinese snacks.

seasoned bamboo shoots with corianderパクチーメンマ
【Seasoned bamboo shoots with coriander】352yen

Smoked potato saladポテトサラダの燻製
【Smoked potato salad】418yen

Cold TOHU with Meat miso肉味噌やっこ
【Cold TOHU with Meat miso】418yen

Spicy. Fried chicken鶏辛
【Spicy. Fried chicken】418yen
Too hot! Fried chicken

Deep-fried octopus chili sauceタコ辛
【Deep-fried octopus chili sauce】429yen

spicy pollack roe.


Raw paprikaパリパリピーマン
【Raw paprika】308yen
Fresh paprika that can be eaten raw.

Fruit tomatoスーパーフルーツトマト
【Fruit tomato】385yen
Very sweet tomato.

Cabbage saladキャベ千
【Cabbage salad】473yen
Cabbage to eat with salt sauce.


Chicken soup極・鶏スープ
【Chicken soup】330yen
A wonderful golden soup steamed for 7 hours. Plenty of chicken flavor.


【plain rice】308yen
Japanese brand rice「HITOMEBORE」

Rice with leek and chashaoネギ飯
【Rice with leek and chashao】495yen
Plenty of chashao and crispy onions!


Ramen 中国ラーメン
【Chinese Ramen】528yen
【Would you like to add any toppings?】
【Coriander Topping 】77yen


Almond Jelly杏仁豆腐
【Almond Jelly】418yen
Almond bean curd,or;and fruits.

YUZU sherbetゆずシャーベット
【YUZU sherbet】352yen